What Can Cause Blocked Pipes?

One of the most common plumbing issues that comes up in both residential and commercial properties is blocked pipes. You may notice that your toilet isn’t flushing properly and water is pooling in the bowl. Or you may notice a foul smell coming from the drains. Blocked pipes can happen for a number of different reasons and it is important that the problem is solved quickly, before it gets out of hand and causes more damage. Because with damage, comes expenses. Let’s take a look at what can cause your pipes to become blocked.


Foreign objects

Anyone with kids knows that they love to put things down the toilet. When it comes to your toilet or pipes being blocked, this is normally the first thing we think of. Don’t be alarmed if our technicians ask if anything may have been flushed down the toilet. We know accidents happen and children happen, so it is a necessity that we ask.

Foreign objects that are too large to make their way through the pipes can become lodged and then prevent water and waste to pass by them. It can be a simple task removing the objects in most cases, however depending how far down they have gotten – it can become a big job.



It sounds silly right? Hair is so thin and should easily be able to pass through the pipes, however when it gets caught up on other things or makes its way into a ball – it can become a real problem. We see this often from bathroom sinks and shower drains. When you are brushing and washing your hair, remove as much hair as you can from the sink or drain hole before it gets washed down. This will help prevent blockages from happening.


Tree roots and natural materials

Blockages don’t always start from the inside of the home. In many cases we have seen pipes become blocked because tree roots have began to grow in them. This can not only cause them to become blocked but as the roots grow it can also cause breakages in the pipes – which is not fun for anyone (including us – trust me)


“Flushable” Wipes and Baby Wipes

You know the soft, moist flushable wipes that are marketed through the supermarkets? Well these are not actually flushable and can cause bad build up and blockages in your toilet and pipes. This goes for baby wipes as well. When these items build up together they can create havoc on your pipes.

Avoid flushing these down the toilet and place them in the bin instead.


Grease and Product Build Up

Who tips their oil down the drain after cooking? If you said yes, please stop!

Your pipes can become blocked from a build up of grease and fat. As they cool down, they begin to harden and can then block your pipes from letting anything through. Rather then tipping them down the  drain, tip into a container and place in the bin.

Although hard to prevent, soap and product build up can also cause your drains and pipes to become blocked. Using soap-free hygiene products can help to prevent and prolong the build up.


Your pipes and plumbing are a crucial part of your home. The last thing you want is overflowing toilets or foul smells coming from the home or yard.

Take care of your pipes and be conscious of what passes through them.

By being careful and conscious you will save yourself a lot of headaches (and a lot of money!)

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